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Presenting Real Simple ’s carefully curated list of the very best online sources for furniture. Find your ideal sofa, table, bed, and more by shopping these standout sites.

By Emily Hsieh and Nicole Sforza
Anna Williams

Bedroom Furniture

Ballard Designs Well-made pieces that look like heirloom antiques (without the hefty price tags) are what you'll find here, with stately wood and metal side tables, chic leather X-benches, and ladylike linen vanity stools among the standouts. "I love the upholstered headboards—they're curvy and elegant, with details like nailheads and tufting," says designer Jessica Becker. Also notable: a supply-your-own material program. The site outlines the yardage and the specs needed for each item (like an ottoman or an armchair); you send in your fabric for a custom piece. Overstock The gems at this easy-to-search online warehouse never cease to amaze. Filter your results by price, pattern type, color, style, and more to comb through the reliably great selection of steeply discounted furniture in every style, with (bonus) free shipping over $50. The range of chests and dressers is especially stellar. Think traditional, goes-with-anything painted-wood pieces and dressier mirrored styles. ASOS LIME Wide Fit Sling Back Ballet Flats ehN1U
This mecca for clean, contemporary furnishings turns out high-design, reasonably priced goods, including leather beds, lacquer nightstands, and reclaimed-wood dressers. Largely responsible for making the trendy midcentury style more mainstream, this retailer has deftly crafted pieces that strike a beautiful balance—bold enough to anchor a room yet subtle enough to seamlessly blend in. City dwellers: Behold the plethora of options for small spaces, like beds with built-in storage and nightstands with petite proportions.

Ballard Designs
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Manchester police identify one of the teens involved in stolen vehicle pursuit

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VIDEO: Teens arrested after stolen car pursuit

Two teenagers were arrested after leading police on a chase that spannedthree towns.

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Kyle Bolduc and a 17-year-old boy were charged following a stolen vehicle pursuit from Manchester to Hartford early Wednesday morning. (Manchester police)

According to Manchester police, a 17-year-old boy and 19-year-old Kyle Bolduc of Manchester,were arrested in Hartford on Wednesday morning after allegedly stealing a car in Manchester and speeding off into the capital city.

Police said it started after a sergeant noticed three suspicious vehicles at the Food Bag on East Center Street around 2:20 a.m. The sergeant checked the registrations of the vehicles and noticed that one of them, a Subaru Forester, had been stolen from Manchester the night before.

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